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krebsRecently our favorite internet security and cybercrime blogger was interviewed on NPR on Fresh Air.  If you have the time, you should definitely check it out.  We’ve been reading the Krebs On Security blog for quite some time, and sometimes discuss stories that he has posted on our blog.  It’s quite amazing the effort that he puts into his research, considering he does not have a professional background in hacking or computer security.  It’s a “started from the bottom now we here” kind of story, and his blog has gained momentum rather quickly.  He even gets targetted by cyber criminals due to his whistleblowing on various networks and people behind shady activity.  He will lurk on forums, flush out the criminal behind a cyber crime, and post screenshots of the entire affair.  It’s better than James Bond to watch it all happen.

Krebs has even had a fake hostage situation called to his house.  Cyber criminals, angered at Krebs uncovering their crimes, called in to local police that Krebs had shot his wife and was hiding in the closet.  The entire neighborhood was blockaded, a SWAT team arrived and escorted Krebs at gunpoint out of his house.  Of course all charges were dropped, but it’s interesting to see the back and forth between cyber criminals and Krebs.

On the interview, Krebs discusses his involvement in reporting on the Target and Neiman Marcus credit card breaches, as well as a very funny anecdote about how he headed off a plan by hackers to frame him for drug laundering.  It’s quite entertaining how this man has suddenly risen to the upper echelon of cyber crime.

Krebs was originally a reporter at the Washington Post for 15 years, writing on cyber crime and tech subjects before starting his blog in 2009.

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