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When it comes to keeping your computer running faster, there are a few things that you can do.  One of the ways that many people swear by is using a registry cleaner software program.  This is a program designed to clean out extra registry files.  But what is the best registry cleaner software, and what other options do you have?  Read on for some more information.

Dealing with the registry can be a bit scary – it’s complex and difficult to understand.  We don’t recommend that you tinker with the registry manually unless you know exactly what you’re doing.  Instead, we suggest the use of a registry cleaner software tool to help you to clean it out without any risk.

Recently, in article on PC maintenance in the Financial Times, Paul Taylor listed RegCure as his favorite registry cleaner.

ft“Unless you feel comfortable changing registry settings yourself, a better bet is to select a dedicated registry editor package. These tend to be much easier to use.

My favourite stand-alone registry editors include RegCure…

… easy to use, comes with clean and clear interfaces and offers safety features such as restore points.”

~Paul Taylor, Financial Times

If you want to try out RegCure Pro, head over the the official website.

Or, click here to download RegCure Pro right now.

Our Test Results With RegCure

regcure proIn a series of tests I conducted with RegCure I was able to greatly improve the boot speed of an old laptop.  I used RegCure on an IBM (Lenovo) T42 Thinkpad that had been in use for a while, and had the usual symptoms of a computer that has been used a lot: excess files, software, and overall slow performance.  The initial boot speed took a whopping 4 minutes and 42 seconds (from “button on” to the CPU light going off).  When I ran RegCure on this machine, including the included “manage startup” feature, it took the boot time down to 2 minutes and 44 seconds.  So it shaved about two minutes off the boot time, which was pretty darn good in my opinion.  I’m sure further time could be shaved by uninstalling extra software and doing other things, but for a single program to do this was pretty impressive.

Paretologic has recently released a new version called RegCure Pro, which includes the basic registry cleaner software as well as more features that include a disk defrag utility, malware and virus removal, and more.  So the program has only improved even more.

Typical Computer Problems

Some typical computer problems that cleaning the registry might help with:

  • Slow boot speed
  • Sluggish Performance
  • Error messages
  • Blue Screen Of Death
  • Crashes / freezes

These are very common problems that most Windows users will experience at some point.  Cleaning out your computer of extra files could definitely help in certain situations.  However, beware of people that will tell you a registry cleaner will fix EVERYTHING.  It’s not going to fix lines in your monitor, a malfunctioning keyboard, or other problems.  Registry cleaners got a bad rap for a while because they were falsely advertised as fixing things that they couldn’t possibly fix.  However, registry cleaners could definitely help in certain situations.

Registry Repair Made Simple

When your computer gets slow, there’s no need to replace it or buy another one.  Using software tools to tune up your PC can definitely go a long way in getting things running smoothly again.  Registry cleaners are definitely one type of program, but why not get a whole bunch of tools in one?  This is what RegCure Pro can offer users.  Doing things like cleaning the registry and defragging the hard disk can greatly improve the performance of your computer.

There are a few other registry software tools that we have tried out, but we find that RegCure Pro has the best interface and suite of extra tools.  Also, the customer service from ParetoLogic is excellent.

Click here to visit the RegCure Pro main webiste

Click here to download RegCure Pro


Did you like this article all about the best registry cleaner software on the market?  Do you use any registry cleaners?  Leave a comment below!

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