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I get asked quite often what the best spyware removal software is, and how people can work to eliminate the risk of spyware, malware, and viruses.  The threat of spyware is ever-increasing; the more online e-commerce you do, the more at risk your data is.  And spyware can strike anyone regardless of how safe they are when they cruise the internet; it’s quite common for even well-established sites to get hacked and loaded with “drive-by” malware that can install itself without your knowledge.

Although the risks of spyware and malware are high, the good news is that there are many programs on the market that make removing spyware a breeze.  Fortify your computer and you can sleep better at night knowing that there’s not some rogue keysniffer sending your passwords on to a third party source.

Not all malware is ultra dangerous, but it can be extremely annoying.  Adware can hijack internet browsers, cause your computer to slow down and take forever to boot up, and cause popup advertisements to disrupt your day.

My Recommendation

spyhunterreview2My top recommendation in terms of spyware removal would probably be Enigma software’s Spyhunter 4.  This program is thorough, easy to use, and has some advanced features that aren’t in every spyware removal program out there.

One of those unique features is the advanced rootkit removal system.  Rootkits are some of the most malicious and difficult to remove malware types that exists.  What they do is masquerade as crucial operating system files and can embed themselves into the core of the operating system.  Because Windows needs (or thinks it needs) these files to run, they cannot be removed while Windows is operational.  Thus, removal becomes a very difficult process.  However, Spyhunter 4 has a unique way to deal with these problems – it can boot into its own secure standalone operating system, enabling the removal of the malicious rootkit files.

Should Spyhunter be unable to fix or remove a malware problem on your computer, a report will be created and sent on to Enigma software, where the Help Desk can create a custom fix for your computer, or help you out individually.  The helpdesk is an “interactive one-on-one customer support solution designed to handle any issues that SpyHunter is not able to automatically solve.”

Other than that, Spyhunter is a pretty breezy program to use; if you can download and install it, you can run it.  It takes no special skill or instruction to run on your PC, so I recommend it to users of all computer skill levels.

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If you use the internet and you’re either suspicious of malware on your machine currently or you want to protect yourself against future attacks, then I definitely recommend that you get a legitimate spyware removal software such as Spyhunter 4.  Identity theft is so easy these days thanks to the advanced attacks of hackers, and even if you don’t suffer a serious attack such as that, it’s annoying to have malware slow down your PC.

Also a word on free vs paid software.  Many people are looking for free solutions to spyware and malware removal, but the truth is that these free solutions may lag behind the paid software companies that have hired teams to continually find malware and update the software to detect the new threats as they come out.  Rather than skip paying a few extra bucks I would recommend getting solid security that’s backed by a reputable company.  Sure everyone wants to save money, but you’ll pay in lack of quality.



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