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Should you buy Spyhunter 4?  Where can you buy it?   If you have downloaded the program and you have run the scan and it has found spyware programs, then you’ll have to buy the program to activate it in order to remove the malware and spyware.  However, some people have trouble finding just where to buy it.

Here is a direct link to the registration order form so you can purchase Spyhunter 4:



A Great Software Tool


Spyhunter 4 scan of our test computer

Spyhunter 4 is an excellent software tool designed from the ground up by Enigma software.  This program is special in that it combines real time scanning and blocking technologies, ensuring that your PC is always protected from drive by and covert installations, as well as an advanced rootkit removal suite that enables Windows to boot into a secure OS in case of severely compromised files.

Rootkits are very difficult to get rid of as they can sometimes compromise the root files of the Windows OS itself – and you can’t be running Windows if you’re going to get rid of them.  This is where Spyhunter 4 comes in: they have developed a secure standalone operating system into which your computer can boot and Spyhunter can remove the files.  This is excellent technology and sometimes the only way to get rid of certain spyware and malware.

Another great advantage of Spyhunter 4 is that if the program can’t get rid of the spyware right away, technicians can remotely help you by accessing your system and helping to figure out the best way to resolve the issue.

Spyhunter is also constantly updated with new malware definitions by their team which works around the clock.  It’s impressive to see how updated they keep their main website fresh with new information about recent threats and helping users get the most out of their software with the “Spyware Help Desk”, which comes free with a purchase of Spyhunter.

You can read more about the details of the program in our Spyhunter review page, where we go over all the features.  Overall we definitely recommended the software tool and users have commented on its effectiveness.

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