Debunking the PC Verses Mac Arguments

While there are obvious differences between Macs and PCs, many of the reasons consumers use to make their buying choices are less than valid. In fact, many myths have persisted years after they’ve been debunked. Before making buying decisions, get rid of those preconceived notions and take a careful look at the arguments used by fans of one platform or the other. Here are a few myths routinely addressed by computer experts.

PCs are faster than Macs.

While specific applications may run faster on one platform than on the other, current models offer similar speed characteristics. Gamers, for example, often ignore Macs because they don’t feel the graphics offered are sufficient to enjoy their gaming experience. However, high-end Macs run music and video processing software most PCs are not able to run. Users must take their specific needs into consideration when deciding how fast is fast enough. For most users, either platform can be configured to meet their needs.

pcvsmacMacs are too expensive.

While entry-level PCs are often priced lower than entry-level Macs, the overall cost of ownership of Macs is generally recognized as being lower. Consumer organizations consistently tout the lack of service Macs normally require, while giving low reliability scores to many PC brands. That may change, however, as lower-cost Macs are introduced.

PCs offer more features.

Again, consumers must compare features and prices before making overly broad generalizations. However, one area where PCs dominate is in touchscreens. Mac has yet to introduce touchscreens to its model lineup, causing many buyers looking for the feature to opt for PCs.

Mac users can’t use popular industry-standard software.

While there was a time when this argument did apply, Macs also offered specific software PC users could not match. Today, the distinctions have virtually disappeared with the release of Microsoft Office for Mac and Adobe’s suite of products for Macs. It’s also important to note Macs can run both Mac and PC operating systems, making the PC runs more software argument moot.

While there are still obvious differences between the two platforms, consumers are encouraged to explore both options before making any buying decisions. Forget the mac vs pc myths and base buying decisions on which option best fits your specific needs.

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