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driverdetective2Program Name: Driver Detective

Publisher: Drivers Headquarters

Our Rating: 5/5 top pick!

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One of the most time consuming aspects of maintaining a computer is updating the drivers.  It can be difficult enough to just update one driver, let alone all the drivers on your computer.  But if you’re having a technical issue, sometimes the drivers are to blame and you have to update one or more of them.

How can you possibly make this process easier?  Driver update software.  Driver Detective is one of the most popular driver update utilities on the market, and if you’re in need of a good utility to do this for you then look no further.

What are drivers anyway?  In a nutshell, drivers are small software programs that enable Windows to control your external hardware devices.  All of your hardware has drivers – your keyboard, sound card, monitor, digital camera, and more.  Since drivers are basically just a coded program they can suffer from bugs or be incompatible with other newer drivers.  Often updates are released that will clear any bugs or problems, and even enhance performance and add features.

Program Basics

driverdetectiveFor this Driver Detective review we looked at all the different features of the software and took it for a test drive.  We found that Driver Detective is a very simple and easy to use program.  It’s specialty: updating drivers.  Drivers Headquarters has been amassing a database of drivers for many years and can currently offer over 27 million drivers.  Odds are, all your hardware will be compatible with this software.

The program works by scanning your computer and finding all installed drivers.  It then compares its findings to its database.  If updates are found you are then able to simply click a few buttons to automatically download the update.  The amount of time this can save you is pretty substantial.  It saves you the hassle of having to manually search for drivers.  Often companies like to hide their drivers several levels deep on company websites, if you can even find them at all!

Installation is a breeze as well, and you can install most drivers right from the Driver Detective interface.

You won’t need to have an advanced degree in computer science to use this software; it’s easy enough for anyone to use, and makes the process of updating drivers as uncomplicated as possible.  If you can download and install a program, you can use Driver Detective.


Driver Detective has many great features:

  • 27 million+ drivers, with a team of 10 people working to harvest all new drivers as they are released from hardware manufacturers.
  • Driver backup features
  • Most comprehensive scan technology that uses Windows Update functionality
  • Machine Intelligence – choose the computer that you’re running in order to customize results and provide the most accurate drivers
  • Integrated customer support and knowledge base

Who Should Use This Program?

If you’re looking to keep your computer up to date, and looking to get the absolute best performance out of all of your hardware devices, then this is an excellent software tool.  Also, if you’re looking to fix any errors or problems with your hardware, then updating drivers is usually the first step in solving those problems.  And finally, if you’re just looking to save some time when it comes to updating your drivers.

We suggest that if you fit the criteria above, then give Driver Detective a try.  You can download a free scan to see if you have drivers that need updating.


Download Driver Detective (downloads from Drivers Headquarters website)

Driver Detective Main Website


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