Ensure Your iPhone Is Up To Date

1-gennaio-1970-iPhone-bug-1280x960A recent odd and interesting threat has been recently uncovered in which it is demonstrated that simply turning the date in your phone back to January 1 1970 will permanently “brick” (or render completely useless) your iPhone.  The flaw was uncovered by Zach Straley in his recent YouTube video.  It’s a very serious flaw that Apple recently patched in their latest update.

However, despite the fact that you don’t think you’d EVER do this to yourself (why would you?) and think you’re safe… think again.  There seems to be a way to do this over a network.  So, someone sitting in a coffee shop using the network could potentially “brick” your iPhone.

There has been a way to fix this bug by taking apart the iPhone, unplugging the batter, and plugging it back in again.  However we highly recommend that you simply run the update that Apple has put out so that you don’t even have to think about this.

It’s interesting that there have been a few bugs lately that can disable the iPhone with relatively simple methods.  However Apple has been very good at patching the issues promptly.

Don’t you just hate it when you want to time travel but your phone won’t go back that far?

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