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One of the more common malware programs floating around on the internet are rogue toolbars that mostly affect the target computer’s internet browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.  They will hijack search results, change home pages, and prevent certain pages from loading.

IncredibarMyStart by Incredibar is one of those browser hijacker and toolbars that forces user computers to visit the MyStart search page as its browser homepage.  The MyStart home page is a “search engine” that has advertisements as results and may display results that are infected with malware.  Overall, the MyStart toolbar is a very annoying malware program that can be very disruptive to the normal functionality of your computer.

Obviously this “toolbar” is not really helpful, and generally gets installed without the knowledge of the user.  Many times it’s bundled with other software or downloads.  It can be dangerous as it could lead users to phishing sites, advertise rogue antimalware programs (presumably to get rid of the toolbar), and more.  However, most computer users these days are aware of the dangers of “toolbars” like this and that’s why you’re here!

How To Remove MyStart Incredibar

Removal of the MyStart Incredibar for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer is pretty much all the same: you should use a malware removal tool to ensure that you get rid of ALL of the program.  We would generally advise against relying on the toolbar’s uninstallation feature as it won’t revert all of your system settings and could leave pieces of the program behind.

I generally recommend Spyhunter 4 to get rid of this problem.

icon_green_arrow_rightClick Here To Download Spyhunter 4


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If you somehow can’t open Spyhunter 4 (sometimes these programs prevent you from opening certain types of software) then you might have to install it on a clean computer and put it on a USB drive.  The best part about Spyhunter is that it comes with free Help Desk support in case you’re having trouble.  Technicians can remotely help you remove the software as it may be particularly suited to your computer and may need a bit of professional help.

How Did It Get There?

Unfortunately you may never know how the program got on your system, but many times it’s bundled with other software and it gets installed along with the other programs.  To avoid this we suggest only downloading software from reputable sources and employing the use of antimalware software that will detect these rogue installations and prevent them from happening.

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