How Much Does Spyhunter 4 Cost?

So you downloaded the Spyhunter 4 software and the scan found some malware programs on your PC.  Or perhaps you were thinking of buying the software anyway.  But how much does Spyhunter 4 cost?  If you were wondering, then look no further.  This award winning, field-leading antimalware software tool is here for your protection.

The price of Spyhunter 4 is $39.99 for a six month license.  This may seem expensive for people, however, the cost of identity theft and credit card fraud could end up costing you much more than that.  So in our opinion the software is a great insurance policy against malware and threats of that nature.


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Great User Reviews

spyhunter4iconSpyhunter 4 has become one of the industry leading software tools used to protect PCs against malware threats.  It has gotten incredible user reviews from our website visitors, including this comment (left on the Spyhunter 4 review page):

I had 2 search engine redirects which could have been very harmful. After working with an online tech for a week, I still wasn’t rid of them. Malwarebytes found some harmful files and cured them but I still had the Softonic search redirect and no other program could even find it on my system. I had download SpyHunter 4 sometime during this process (on my own – not from a recommendation from the tech person) and I ran a scan just when I was about to give up. It found 6 harmful files and fixed everything – where up to 6 or 7 other malware detection programs failed. I was skeptical when I first downloaded it when it found issues and I had to pay to have them fixed. But, I recognized some of the files as issues I had 4 months previously and so I felt comfortable with purchasing the program. Turned out I was so glad I did.

~Kay Trimbath

Industry Leading Features

Spyhunter 4 has some great features that will safeguard your computer:

  • Real time protection – won’t allow rogue “drive-by” installations happen when you load an infected website
  • Constantly updated malware database – Enigma software is working around the clock to update the software with new malware descriptions
  • Rootkit protection and removal tool – a key part of this software is the rootkit protection that not all antimalware programs have
  • Customized personal support – Enigma technicians can remotely help you remove spyware if you have a problem

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  1. barbara N says:

    I was about to cancel my free version of Spyhunter but
    after learning so much more about it, now I think when I get my next check I’ll purchase sphunter 4 and see what happends.
    I’ve been so frustrated in not finding the help I need and this paid version might just be the answer to my prayers

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