Is Spyhunter Safe? Ask The Tech

Spyhunter is a safe and effective malware removal tool published by Enigma Software.  It is one of the best solutions to remove malicious software.

One of the biggest keyphrases we seem to get traffic from in the search engines is “is spyhunter safe”.  This is a legitimate question, as you definitely can’t be too careful with all the rogue and fake software that’s floating around the internet.

Spyhunter 4 is published by Enigma Software, and is one of the several popular spyware removal tools that’s out there on the market.  In practice it’s definitely a good tool to help scan for malware and spyware and then remove it from your computer.  Many times people will experience slowdowns, popups, browser hijacks, and other maladies that seem to pop up out of nowhere.  It can be incredibly frustrating to learn that your computer has been attacked by this kind of thing, and often you won’t even know where it came from.


The good news is that Spyhunter 4 is an excellent choice for removal of these annoying problems.  The software is constantly updated with new spyware definitions by Enigma Software’s team of engineers, and as an owner of the program you will be able to receive these updates as they come out.  The interface is clean and easy to use, and Enigma Software offers a great tech support team to help you out should you run into any troubles.  In fact, they even have a service that will help you remotely if there’s a problem that Spyhunter can’t solve on its own.

Rootkit Removal

One of the best things about Spyhunter 4 is the advanced rootkit detection system that is proprietary to Spyhunter 4.   Rootkits are files that embed themselves into the Windows architecture itself, causing the operating system to think that those files are part of itself.  The thing about rootkit files is that you can’t remove them while Windows is running, and they are sometimes almost impossible to even detect as they blend in as a “normal” file.  Spyhunter 4 can boot your computer into a remote OS where the program can remove those malicious files from Windows without booting it up.

My Own Experience

I had to use Spyhunter myself when I was hit with a malware / adware nuisance called Conduit.  It took over my browser and changed my home page, search page, and much more.  It came out of nowhere – I assume it piggybacked along with a freeware program that I downloaded to open .rar files.  I looked up a few ways to remove it manually, however it looked like a very intense process that I didn’t want anything to do with.  I was also afraid I’d miss something and remnants of the malware would still be in my computer.

I downloaded and installed Spyhunter and ran the software.  It found Conduit immediately and within 5 minutes my system was free and clear.  It was incredibly easy and worth the price of the Spyhunter software.

Great Customer Reviews

We’ve had many unsolicited comments over on our review page about Spyhunter 4 from happy users who have gotten rid of stubborn and annoying malware using Spyhunter 4.

spyhuntertestimonial4  spyhuntertestimonial3


(you can read these and more reviews on our Spyhunter review page)



Overall we definitely recommend Spyhunter 4 as a great solution to getting rid of malware and spyware on your computer.  Whether it be a toolbar, browser hijack, slow speeds from adware running in the background, or another similar problem, Spyhunter 4 could clear it up quickly.

One of the best things about the program is that you can download the program and allow it to scan your computer for free to see if it finds the problem that you’re having.  Unfortunately the program is not free, but the cost is worth it if it can make your computer run like new again.

If you want to try the software out and scan your PC to get rid of baddies, follow these links:

icon_green_arrow_rightClick Here To Download Spyhunter 4

icon_green_arrow_rightClick Here To Visit The Main Website

icon_green_arrow_rightAlready downloaded the free trial version?  Click Here to register Spyhunter 4

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  1. Raern says:

    I am running mcafee on my home computer. I kept getting all kinds of popups some even you have a virus popup ads. i then run spy hunter 4 it said i have over 12k so i bought it and its now going thru its reboot phase. After reading your article i am glad i got it.

  2. Per Solbakken says:

    Great. At last a download that Works on the fly.
    I agreed to a automaticly renew after 6 months.
    If i choose to unsubscribe – how do I do that?


    Per Solbakken
    Lillehammer, Norway

    • Roger Feinstein says:

      Hi Per,
      It should be relatively easy. Ensure that you don’t select it to autorenew. Make a note of when the subscription is set to expire or renew, and ensure that you go ahead and cancel it.

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