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Backing up your files is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining your computer.  Viruses, malware, and physical malfunctions of your computer can strike at any moment, and you could lose important files.  I am all too familiar with this, as I have been victim of several problems over the years, including physical hard disk failure (the hard drive actually physically broke) as well as viruses that have crippled my computer.

Choosing a backup solution doesn’t have to be that difficult.  When it comes to cloud backups, MyPCBackup is an industry leader.  It offers a very easy to use interface, incredibly competitive pricing, fast backups, and a variety of options with which to customize your backup plan.

Overall we recommend this service as a great way to ensure the safety of your precious files.

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Just how good is MyPCBackup, and what features does it have?  I have been using it for about a month on my business laptop in order to really get a feel for it.  So yes this is an actual review of how it’s been working for me.  Check out our entire review below:


Software Interface

MyPCBackup is chock full of features.  The first thing you will notice is that once you sign up you will have to download their small software program that will enable you to sync your backups to their online servers.  This program is quite simple to use – they made logging in a breeze and I found it to be more simple than many other products I’ve used to do the same thing.  Once you install and log in, you will be able to customize your backup plan.  You could go with their recommended settings which backs up all your photos, documents, videos, and music, OR you could manually select which folders you want to back up.


MyPCBackup Software Running On Our Test PC

Sync Folder

Also the software will automatically create a Sync Folder, which is able to quickly mirror files between computers that you have the MyPCBackup software installed on.  This enables you to quickly back up a document you’ve been working on, and then finish working on it at home either on your desktop or laptop.  I really like this folder as it makes it easy for me to transfer work between my laptop and desktop where I can continue working on it without having to mess around with USB drives or even emailing it to myself (which was my usual method of transferring work and files).

sync_folderThe Sync Folder works quite well, and works quickly.  You can also use the Sync Folder on your mobile devices like your iPad and iPhone, Android and Blackberry, making this really handy.

Another great feature of the Sync Folder is that you can log on to your control panel (at and add a file to the Sync Folder from their website.  This is quite helpful if you’re on a friend or colleague’s computer and you need to sync a file.

File Sharing

You can share files with friends and family that don’t have a MyPCBackup account quickly and easily using this function.  You can invite users with email, or provide a link to the folder.  Once you’re done sharing you can easily remove this so the whole world can’t access your files.  This is a great way to share photos, videos, music, and more with your family.

Control Panel

This opens in your default browser and gives you access to your files from any computer.  All you need is your login information.  From this screen you can view what you’ve backed up, sync a file via your browser, and share files with family and friends.  You can also view your account information and history.  Basically this is where you can see all the details about your account.  The Control Panel is very easy to understand and navigate, and I was able to jump right in and use it without a hitch.  Sometimes these kinds of things are needlessly complicated, and that’s why MyPCBackup’s Control Panel is a great breath of fresh air.

Other Features

Other features include some smaller customization features such as file types to back up, backup scheduling options, file size limitations, and more.  You can even set the backup to only run when the screensaver is on, saving you some performance.

Business Backup

For businesses that need more data storage and additional options, MyPCBackup has a business account option.  This allows businesses to store their files and even allocate different accounts for the employees.  They offer features such as unlimited user accounts and devices, team collaboration, sub accounts, and more.  For more information on all their features head on over to their business website:

Unlimited Business Backup from MyPC Backup – Try it Free!

Pros And Cons


Easy to use
Great mobile device apps
Sync Folder


Some hidden costs for things that should be included (although the base price is cheap)
Not unlimited
Some software bugs were encountered (fixed with a re-installation of software)

Overall Opinion

Overall MyPCBackup is a great backup solution for people who need a secure and safe place to easily back up personal files and folders.  Keep in mind, this is not generally a service for backing up an image of your computer – rather it’s a place to store and sync your most important files.  We found the service to be fast, very easy to jump into right away, and helpful especially for people who move around on different computers.  The free trial enables you to sign up without giving them your payment details, which is nice.

The only real problem I ran into while using the service was that the software mysteriously stopped backing up my files, and it seemed stuck.  Eventually the backup button didn’t even work, which was perplexing.  However the problem was resolved with a quick re-installation of the software.  Not sure why this happened – they may have updated the software and mine failed to update itself.

Additionally, this service is very safe.  The only thing that seems to rub people the wrong way is their aggressive sales tactics, with several emails encouraging you to sign up once you’ve joined for the free trial.  However, these days most companies use these tactics and you can’t really avoid it.

Overall we do recommend this service as an excellent option for backing up your files!

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MyPCBackup Review
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MyPCBackup is a very good online backup tool that combines ease of use with a great mobile app for your smartphone. Although the "Pay-per-feature" system is a bit annoying, at a basic level MyPCBackup is a great solution for people with average backup needs. We've been using this company for our work laptops and it's been great since day one.


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