New Technology Devices Come With a Loss of Personal Privacy

As technology becomes more advanced and complex, it begins to walk a fine line between helpful and invasive. Many of the most popular technological devices today have features that enable the device to either see or listen to the user. Some even combine both of these technologies. While this type of technology offers many different uses and benefits to people’s everyday lives, it also comes with a price. Personal privacy and security are compromised by using these types of devices and bringing them into one’s home. Many people have decided that giving up some of their personal privacy is a fair price for improved technological devices.

Many newer technological devices contain devices to either listen to or see their uses. Many people use cell phones that are considered smartphones. Smartphones like iPhones and Androids connect to the internet and contain cameras as well as microphones. Many even have two cameras—one rear-facing and one front-facing! Many of these devices are now offering personal assistants that will look up information, make appointments or make dinner reservations. Some will become active when the user says a certain word or phrase. This means that the devices are always listening to what is being said around it.

privacyMany people have fears about bringing these forms of listening technology into their homes. While there are more and more technologically advanced devices coming out, like Amazon’s new Echo personal assistant, some people are choosing to avoid this type of technology altogether. The fears that companies are always listening or watching you on a web camera are too much for some people. Most companies claim that they only use recorded information to help enhance your experience or offer personalized shopping ideas. However, some people have fears that companies are using information for other reasons and may even be listening or turning on devices without permission. While many types of these features can be turned off, it limits how useful these forms of technology can be to the user.

The recent advancements in technology have led to increased privacy concerns from the general public. Newer devices contain equipment to allow users to speak directly to the device or to be seen on a camera. This means a loss of personal privacy as the user carries is around. Locations and other information are constantly recorded, even when pictures are taken. People must decide if this loss of personal privacy is worth it.

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