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Paretologic PC Health Advisor is an all in one computer optimization suite aimed at helping computer users quickly and easily tune up their computers and fix problems related to slowdowns and errors.  Published by Vancouver based ParetoLogic Software, this software is easy enough for the average person to use as the interface is easy to follow and the software hold your hand through the various operations.

Many people have cluttered computers that are full of extra files, malware and adware, extra software that wants to load when the computer starts up, and other problems.  And many people are often at a loss when it comes to how to fix these problems.  This software is an easy solution to common computer issues.


PC Health Advisor is chock full of features aimed at cleaning and organizing your computer.  From defragging to getting rid of malware, this software seems to want to do it all.  Here are some of the key features that this program provides:

pchealthadvisordefragSpeed and Performance Optimization – This is probably the main reason that people get this software.  There are multiple features that enable you to clean out the registry, defrag the hard disk, and manage what software is loaded when you boot your PC.  Cleaning the registry is good for older systems that have been in use for a while.  It’s also helpful after uninstalling malware.  Defragging the hard disk re-organizes all the bits of information scattered around your drive and makes data retrieval much, much faster.  And the software makes it a snap to see what software is loading in the background when you start your computer, which could contribute to slower boot speeds.

Driver Updates –  PC Health Advisor makes it easy to update drivers.  A lot of times if you’re having performance issues and errors with your hardware, the drivers could be to blame.  Drivers are simply small pieces of software that enable your PC hardware to interface properly with Windows and your other software.  Drivers need to be updated occasionally if there are significant software updates or bugs found within the old drivers.  Note you don’t always need to update your drivers, but when troubleshooting problems updating the drivers is often the first step.

Malware Removal – ParetoLogic software started out as an antivirus software company, and their malware removal algorithms are top-notch.  Their company is constantly staying ahead of the latest malware infections.  PC Health Advisor will help you to easily remove any active malware programs that might be running in the background of your PC – threatening your security and slowing down your computer.

Easily Tweak Settings – From within the software you can easily adjust certain Windows settings.  This is especially helpful for people who are new to Windows or not used to tweaking their computer’s settings.  You can clear your browser history, find programs to open certain file extensions (such as the .rar compression) and more.


pchasettingsThe interface is very easy to read and navigate, with large illustrated buttons and a customizable home screen for people who want to add their favorite functions to the home menu.  I think that most people will have a very easy time navigating the menu system.  Very advanced computer users may find the system a bit too simplistic for their tastes, however.


If you’re an average computer user and you need something to easily help you to clean up and optimize your computer, then this program could be just what you’re looking for.  Although computer pros may find it to be too simple for them, the software makes everything very easy for most people.  The average computer user, for example, has probably never heard of defragging their hard drive.  PC Health Advisor makes that available in just a few quick clicks, and once it’s done computer performance could improve immensely.

The publisher, ParetoLogic, offers a money back guarantee and customer service as well so you’re not dealing with some fly-by-night company that you’ll never hear from again.

If you’re looking for something simple and easy to get your computer running better, then this could be just the thing for you.

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