PST Repair Tips For Outlook Users

The Outlook email program is an excellent way to organize emails, calendar entries, and more.  However, occasionally Outlook users will run into problems related to errors and lost emails.  One of the biggest problems happens when the .pst file that stores all of your emails and attachments gets corrupted.  This can happen for any number of reasons.  There are a multitude of different ways that .pst errors and problems can happen, but the good news is that you repair a .pst file easily and quickly if you use appropriate methods and software.

How To Easily Do PST Repair For Outlook

outlookrepairscreenOne of the most common ways to fix a .pst file is to use a third party software program designed to help people repair these types of files and recover lost and deleted email.  One of the best programs in this category is Stellar Outlook PST Repair.  This program was designed from the ground up to help both professionals and average computer users easily and quickly restore .pst files back to health and recover all their emails.

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This program is made to look like the Outlook program itself, and so even the average day-to-day computer user will find it easy to manage.  And the program is powerful enough that even computer techs use it on their client’s computers.  In fact, this program has succeeded in getting back client’s emails where all other methods have failed.

Either way it’s our top pick as far as repairing .pst files go, as we have seen lots of positive feedback about the program.

What Is A .PST File?

The .pst file is the way that Outlook stores all of your information – it stand for “Personal Storage Table” and contains all of your emails, file attachments, calendar and journal entries, and other related things.  The .pst file is a file just like any other on your computer, so if it gets corrupted you can end up with problems accessing your email.  This can be a nightmare, but thankfully there are some solutions.

How Do .PST Files Get Corrupted?

Most of the time the .pst errors that happen are related to the file size growing over 2gb in older versions of Windows.  Other times the .pst file can get corrupted with incomplete transfers between computers or from storage media devices such as a USB drive.  Other common reasons are viruses and malware, which can cause lots of problems for all of your files anyway.


Stellar Outlook PST Repair is definitely our top suggestion for people who are having problems with their .pst file.  It definitely works for people as these forum clippings can attest to (click to view larger image if you can’t read)

>> Click Here To Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair (4.8 MB)

>> Click Here To Visit Their Main Website








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  1. Russell Smith says:

    Hi Roger,
    After reading a review of Clint Boessen [MVP], I i really surprised that it works better than ScanPST.exe. You can also read this technical review about above PST repair tool at:

    Kindly, tell me your opinion about this review.


  2. Russell Smith says:

    As the given post stated about the efficiency of software, it is practically right in my case. Couple months ago, my PST file was damaged severely. At that occasion, I use stellar PST repair and got astonished result with lost data back.

    Once again thanks!



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