Sony Pictures Cancel Release Of The Interview Due To Hacking Threat

In the latest development of the Sony Pictures hacking debacle, the company has now officially canceled the release of the film “The Interview” following a threat from the hackers of violence on theaters that showed the film as well as patrons that went to go see it.

In a message released from the hackers on December 16, they threatened to attack theaters that screened the film, mentioning 9/11 in the process.  It’s an eerie and unprecedented step in the hacking history books.  The group calling themselves the “Guardians Of Peace” can now be labeled not just as hackers, but a full fledged terrorist group.  According to hacking experts, threats of widespread violence are very rare in these circumstances.

It’s clear that Sony Pictures is in a no-win situation; in the wake of the threats many major theaters have refused to screen the film due to liability issues.  And that is where Sony stands as well – in the midst of a liability issue.  While backing down is seen as kowtowing to the terrorists, should an attack occur it would look careless and reckless to have released the film.

The New York Times is reporting that US Officials are now believing that the North Korean government is indeed behind the hacking.  Although the hacking seems to have originated outside of North Korea, officials state that they have found links leading to the North Korean government and believes the hackers were operating under orders from the government.

theinterviewIs this a smart move by Sony or does it set a bad precedent?  Obviously nobody wants to kowtow to terrorist threats, and usually America does not respond to such threats.  So why are companies moving to block the release of the movie?  According to CNet, the Department of Homeland Security has found no evidence that the threat is real.

It’s a sad day for American films and even American media in general.  Will studios feel the need to self-censor their work from here on in?  It will be interesting to see.  Political satire is nothing new, however several people have said they had wondered what North Korea might do about the upcoming film since it was so blatant.

Some people say that Sony could strike a good middle ground by releasing the movie online in a Video On Demand type service.  It remains to be seen how the studio will proceed with the release of the movie.

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