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speedypcsmallProgram Name:  SpeedyPC Pro

Publisher: ParetoLogic software

Our Rating: 4/5  top pick!

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When it comes to keeping your computer running fast, one of absolute most important parts is to keep it clean and tuned up.  However, the thought of having to manually clean out your computer is never an appealing thought – and some parts of your computer are extremely complicated and difficult to clean, such as the registry.  Besides keeping your computer clean, it’s also important to keep it free and clear of malware and viruses, as well as extra software that you probably don’t need and never even wanted in the first place.

SpeedyPC Pro is an application that has multiple functionality and serves as an all-purpose tuneup tool for your Windows computer.  But how good is this program and what kind of features does it have?  Read on to find out more.

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Basic Overview

SpeedyPC Pro is a multi-purpose software tool designed to make it very easy for the average computer user to clean and tune up their computer to ensure that it’s running at peak performance.  The main features include:

  • Registry and ActiveX cleaning
  • Improve PC boot/startup times by helping users control what software loads at startup
  • Clear out privacy files
  • Stops ongoing and unwanted processes
  • Removes unnecessary browser addons such as toolbars
  • Makes it easy to things such as defrag your hard disk
  • Custom restore point manager
  • Helps find programs to open unknown file extensions (.tgz, .rtf, etc)

SpeedyPC Pro is basically an all-in-one optimization toolbox that can help you to do a few basic tuneup steps very easily.


I think that the interface of SpeedyPC Pro is one of the best features.  It’s clean and easy to read and not confusing in the least.  If you have any sort of confusion about what each function does or how to drill down and customize results (such as with the scan feature) there is a detailed help file that can show you the ropes.  So, overall I think this is a good program for the average computer user.


Speedy PC Pro scan results on our test computer

Functions / Features

For this SpeedyPC Pro review we looked at all the different functions of this software tool.  The core of the SpeedyPC Pro software tool is the automatic scan which looks for extra registry entries, malware, privacy files, malware, and junk (the recycling bin).  This is what will happen when you first open the program and the program will prompt you to clean them out.  There is a canned recording of a woman reading  the results to you, so don’t let that startle you (I think it’s a little cheesy but your mileage may vary).

Beyond the basic scan are some options in the “Tools” menu that include the Defrag utility, process manager, startup manager, file manager, and the “browser helper object” manager (toolbars, etc).  The file manager will enable you to type in a file extension (such as .txt or .rtf) and find a software tool that can open the file.  This is helpful if you have a mysterious file that your computer cannot open or prompts you to “choose a program to open the file”.

Defragging the hard disk is a great function that a lot of people and software overlook.  It works like this: the way your computer stores files on your hard disk is in “parts” if it can’t put the entire file together on one area of the disk.  It will then write instructions on where to find the other “parts” of the file on the disk, and your computer will put them all together in the memory so you can view and use the file.  Defragging takes all those parts and puts them back together again on the hard disk so that file access is much, much faster.

We also know that Paretologic (the publisher) is a great company that has committed itself to good customer service, so should you need help they are there for you.


  • Easy to understand interface
  • Very quick scan
  • Can speed up an older/cluttered computer
  • Has many different features


  • Not adequate as your only malware defense (we recommend getting Norton 360 and Spyhunter 4 in conjunction)
  • Perhaps not as many options for advanced users

Who Could Get Good Use From This Program?

SpeedyPC Pro is a great tool for people that have an older computer that might be running slow or have a lot of malware/downloaded software that is gumming up the system.  This program is a great tool for the average computer user who needs a simple program to help them tune up their PC.  If things are running very slow and your computer takes forever to boot up and load programs, then this program might be worth a shot.

Who is this program not recommended for?  If you’ve got a brand new or newer computer you probably do not need this tool.  Also, this program does not work for Mac computers.

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