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Spyhunter 4 is a very powerful spyware and malware detection and removal tool published by Enigma software.  Packing advanced features into an easy to use interface, it allows the average computer user excellent protection against spyware infections.  How does this program stack up and what features does it have?  Read on for our full review!


Spyware and malware: these words are used to describe programs that sneak onto your computer and either steal your data, “trick” you into buying fake software, or hijack your internet browser to display sales pages.  Basically these annoying programs are trying to get your money or direct you into buying things.  They are slightly different than viruses, which are just programs that destroy data and cripple your computer.  In most cases, spyware and malware won’t cripple a computer or delete data, but it will mess with your settings and compromise the safety and security of your data.  For this reason, spyware could potentially be more dangerous than viruses.

The best way to fight against these threats is to install and use software that has been designed to provide every defense possible.  Usually that means active protection intended to stop these things from installing themselves before they succeed.  Spyhunter 4 is designed from the ground up to prevent the installation of malware and spyware.

Spyhunter 4 Features

For this Spyhunter 4 review we checked out all the different features the software has to offer.  This tool is one of the more advanced anti-spyware software tools available on the market.  It has advanced rootkit protection.  For those that aren’t in the know, rootkits are malicious files that use encrypted data to embed themselves deep in your computer, often able to evade traditional means of detection.  There are new rootkits created daily, typically exploiting holes in security in your browser and even antivirus software.

Advanced Rootkit Protection:  Since rootkits can be difficult or impossible to remove once on your PC, it’s important to stop their installation before it happens.  This is where Spyhunter 4 comes in; its proprietary software design enables it to detect a rootkit installation attempt, stop the intrusion, and even reboot Windows if necessary to complete the removal.

This is an excellent part of Spyhunter.  Rootkits are basically pieces of code that masquerade as critical Windows system files, and hackers use them to “hide” malware on your system and make it difficult or nearly impossible to get rid of (Windows doesn’t like to remove or alter things it thinks are system files while it is running).

Compact OS: This program utilizes a compact OS which allows your computer to be rebooted without Windows in order to remove the malware – this is necessary as in order to remove the rootkit properly you can’t remove the file while Windows boots as sometimes the rootkits use the same files that Windows is using.  This compact OS method is one of the best ways to prevent and remove these problems.

Scanning Features: Spyhunter 4 has a scanning feature that you can employ when you first install it; if you suspect you have malware on your computer, you can download the trial version and scan your PC for free.  If you do indeed have malware you can then buy the program to remove it.  This is typical for most software in this genre.  Unfortunately the program is not free, as it does employ a full time team of experts who continually update the software to protect you from the latest threats that unfortunately arise constantly.

Personal Expert Analysis:  One of the greatest features of this program is the fact that if the software is unable to remove the rootkit or malware for some reason, a team of experts is on hand to remotely analyze your computer and help you out.  This is a step ahead of most anti-malware programs on the market.  This is a huge feature as most programs will not provide this level of support.  The team of techs at Enigma will customize an approach for your personal spyware issue.

Other features include constant updates for new threats, great customer support, a very easy to use interface, and a money back guarantee.

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Spyhunter In Use

We downloaded and ran Spyhunter 4 on our Windows 7 64bit operating system to see how it would work.  The download and install was a breeze, and the interface upon first running the program was quite easy to understand.  We did a full system scan to see what the software would find.  We did not expect it to find much, as we have Norton 360 running in the background all the time.  However, to our surprise, Spyhunter detected a bunch of spyware on our PC.  Mostly it was adware designed to sniff out our browsing preferences.


Spyhunter scanning our test PC


Scan Results

We were able to clear out test PC of a number of different spyware cookies and programs that our Norton Antivirus had not detected nor tried to remove.  Overall the whole process was quite smooth and easy to manage.  The entire scan of the computer took a while since our PC had been around for a couple years and had accumulated quite a few files.  You’re given an option to scan the entire PC or just sensitive parts – we scanned the entire computer to be thorough, and we suggest that if you use this software that you scan the entire computer as well on your first run.

Overall Conclusions

We think that Spyhunter 4 is a great tool for people who need to get rid of difficult to remove spyware and malware, or who just want active protection of their computer.  These days you can’t be too careful: cyber crime is on the rise every day.  Spending a small amount to protect yourself  is a good idea.

We also encourage users to check the small print on the order pages as sometimes this software is bundled with a program called RegHunter.  While this could be useful for some users, you may not want it.  Also, Spyhunter works on a semiannual subscription basis, just like many other software tools such as Norton and McAfee.


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Roger Feinstein has grown up with computers his entire life and strives to help others understand what goes on behind the scenes in their PCs. He's been writing tech articles for websites for over 5 years.

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  1. Roger, as I read all these positive reports about SpyHunter, I have the urge to click a “like” button. I guess I’ve been using Facebook too much. It would be fun to be able to “like” other people’s positive posts here. I can’t always reply to them (I reply to a few), but I have the urge to “like” their comments to show that I agree!

  2. Alvin Pall says:

    I’ve used spyhunter ever since Malwarebytes could not get rid of several infections. One was the conduit. I can’t think of the others. It is remarkable. Malware but some viruses too I believe. AP

    Also, it doesn’t interfere with Norton.

  3. Jez says:

    I have used Spy Hunter for over a year now on my home PC. However when I go away I take my laptop and also want that protected. As a private user do I need to buy two subscriptions for my two computers laptop and Home PC. Is there any discount available for the second machine. I am the only user on both machines

  4. JoeJoe says:

    I was having a problem with some malware I could not get rid of no matter what I did. I read the testimonials about Spy Hunter 4, both good and bad, and decided to give it a try. After running the Free scan I bought a license and it cleared all malware and no more Browser redirects.

    I run the scan daily and it keeps turning up new threats with each run. Sometimes those threats are different versions of the ones it removed the day before.

    I’m still not happy with the long time it spends starting up but I am not doing to delete it, yet. I don’t think I would feel whole without it.

    Yes, definitely worth buying.

  5. Ganesh says:

    After getting the supra and akamaihd.net adwares, I was keep geting pop ups whenever I click on a link or a page. after so much deliveration ( to be honest, there were not very favourable reviews for spyhunter in the net), i thought of just scanning the laptop with this sofware. after finding 878 adwares,i bought this for $39.99 and guess what,NO MORE POP UPS!!!have to say I already have norton 360 subscription for 3 years and it didnt find a thing when I used their power eraser!! Have to say this is really good. Please beware the site wheere you purchase this. The safemart is actually “not” so safe. Please try to use Paypal and remember to cancel the auto renewal once you purchased!

  6. Norman Hutt says:

    What a relief that Spyhunter 4 seems to have solved a worrying problem with my PC. A message box saying “srptm has stopped working ” suddenly appeared on screen and kept reappearing no matter what I did, and I was unable to uninstall snap.do which seemed to be the problem when I searched. I found Spyhunter when I Googled how to fix it, as I am not very technical,and after downloading it, after some time and personal stress, it was removed, together with hundreds of different kinds of malware.

    It was a bit pricey, as it only lasts for 6 months, but my AVG protection and Windows failed to deal with it. Everything seems fine now, and seems more responsive, here’s hoping!

    Thank you

    • Norman, programs such as AVG and the Windows programs are like economy cars with no extra features at all (like the lowest costing cars). I don’t use AVG, athough many people swear by it, mainly because there’s a free version that is not a trial. They want to save money, but when dealing with computers where you store personal data (I do online banking etc)so I paid for the full McAfee package. I tried Norton, but decided to sty with McAfee, but they are both good programs. You need Firewall as well, and I am not sure how the Windows Firewall is. But even with full virus and firewall protection, you are not protected from malware, and many other intrusive programs – worms, Trojans etc. I love the Spy Hunter 4 suite because it contains a register repair program (Reg Hunter) as well. I thought it was pricey at first, but if it does a superior job, it’s worth the cost. So far, I love it. It removes the conduit stuff that other programs didn’t remove.

  7. Maria says:


    I just bought Spyhunter since I was suffering from the qone8.com hijacker and some other malwares that made my computer slow. Spyhunter found almost 1000 malwares. Is that amount even possible? I got my laptop like 1,5 yeas ago. Anyways, I was happy since now my laptop is really fast and all malwares seem to be gone.

    Before getting Spyhunter I bought McAfee Full Protection package coz I was worried! So I got two expensive programs in 24 hours! Now McAfee however decided not to work with Spyhunter (or vice versa) and I would like to have both. How can I make McAfee work again?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Ed says:

    I was asked to help “speed-up” a computer that was really hanging up. The web browsers were running like pony express and defaulting to a web page that was clearly malware. I couldn’t successfully remove the program. Malwarebytes failed to correct the “takeover”…so I tried Spyhunter 4. It found and corrected most of my problems on the first pass. Then it ran the rootkit search (this was a new one for me) … and cleared out the rest. Bottom line, computer is running full speed and I’ve taken back control of the browser. If you balk at the price because it’s too expensive, they knock it down to $10 for the first 6 months. Money well spent.

  9. nicktom_19 says:

    Hi i was stuck up with this istartwebssearches.com program every time i opened any browser it started with this page. I tried Malware pro trial version, scanned with Kaspersky pure, scanned with Stopzilla trial etc none of these found this malware but Spyhunter did, and in order to remove these threats i had to buy it so did i, and voila the problem is gone. Only verdict with this software is it takes up some RAM and the time taken to initiate on start up its quite annoying guys pls fix it

    • Roger Feinstein says:

      It’s possible to stop Spyhunter from loading on startup – go to “settings” and uncheck the box next to “Start Spyhunter Security Suite on system startup”

  10. kris says:

    My computer is attached by Bestadbid.com redirects.

    Any free software to remove it?

    • Roger Feinstein says:

      Hi Kris – I don’t really have any free solutions to recommend but I would definitely suggest trying out Spyhunter 4

  11. gidi says:

    how long does the spyhunter last before it expires for renewal?

  12. hi thanks for all the good advice i have the paid version of avg 2014 along with avg tuneup and avg maintnance my computer got infected and i lost them i tried spy hunter4 and it cleaned up my machine so i was able to reinstall the avg gagets i was impressed with spyhunter4 so i ended up buying it also ended up with reghunter seemed to come s a package they were well worth it my pc is working can iuse all these programs or should i get rid of some of them thanks–archie

  13. Mike says:

    I typically shy away from reviews as they can be tainted or exaggerated. My laptop was running weird and I had used a few different freeware programs to try to improve the performance but none really made a difference. I searched more programs and came across this Spyhunter 4 program and did a free scan. The scan found over 400 issues and as soon as I clicked the repair all issues button, I was redirected to the Buy Program page. Ah, so here we go. Another rip-off I thought. I decided to log out and was offered a bit better a deal on the program and I thought to myself….. well if I’m going to get ripped-off at least it won’t be too bad. I ran the cleaner and WOW my system has been just like brand new ever since. So I recommend this to everyone now no matter what the cost and I can’t be happier!!

  14. Mark says:

    I recently had a browser hijacker (aartemis)invade my laptop and nothing not even Avira could detect or remove it and this was on the morning of a mission critical day, nothing could get this bug and in my search I came across Spyhunter4 and gave it a try and not only did it detect and remove the hijaker it found about 63 other bad things that Avira and Malware bytes didn’t stop or catch.

    This product is worth every penny and so is the registry scanning product they offer.

    Not to say that the other products are bad but I am sure glad I found this one. Run it on your system and you will be amazed what spyware it finds.

  15. John says:

    Not exactly a computer buff but have to use one in conjunction with my business. I’ve had my laptop for about 2 years and for the last 18 months it’s been very sluggish. Tried everything from defrag and virus scans but made no difference then ended up with INCREDIBAR on my browser. Came across spyhunter 4, it cleared the problem and everything else my computer runs like new, couldn’t recommend it enough makes life a lot easier. My computer won’t be getting thrown out the window!!

  16. Shardy says:

    I accidentally opened an email attachment and BOOM, malware was everywhere; I couldn’t open a single program that wasn’t already open, access a webpage or access the task manager even… After using Process Explorer to temporally stop the virus etc, I was able to use SpyHunter 4 to scan the machine… It pulled up 500 threats from 2 million files. I registered with them immediately after and treated the threats; they were removed within minutes… I’m glad I did.
    I did a second scan with SpyHunter 4 and another well known scanner after and it found nothing. I’d recommend it. Good luck everyone.

  17. Shane says:

    I started using Spyhunter 4 a few months back because of some very strange things my computer was doing and I’m so glad I found it, because it found and removed MUCH more than I expected was on my computer.

    The price is a little salty, but well worth it in my opinion. It’s a good compliment to Defender on Windows 8, so the combination is working very well for me.

  18. Linda says:

    Just awesome…..found and removed all the nasties, including the horrendous ‘start.qong8’ Totally recommend Spyhunter4!!!

  19. Paul Menzies says:

    Which antivirus programs would be compatible with Spyhunter?

  20. Kay Trimbath says:

    I had 2 search engine redirects which could have been very harmful. After working with an online tech for a week, I still wasn’t rid of them. Malwarebytes found some harmful files and cured them but I still had the Softonic search redirect and no other program could even find it on my system. I had download SpyHunter 4 sometime during this process (on my own – not from a recommendation from the tech person) and I ran a scan just when I was about to give up. It found 6 harmful files and fixed everything – where up to 6 or 7 other malware detection programs failed. I was skeptical when I first downloaded it when it found issues and I had to pay to have them fixed. But, I recognized some of the files as issues I had 4 months previously and so I felt comfortable with purchasing the program. Turned out I was so glad I did.

    • Roger Feinstein says:

      Thanks for the review Kay! Glad Spyhunter 4 worked so well for you

    • Ralph Rizzolo says:


      Thanks so much for the report on Spyware 4. I feel like I just struck GOLD in finding this program, because in 30 min it cleared out 980 mallicious files that 5 other spyware/mallware programs could not find. My Computer is like new, running like a crackhead being chased by the cops. Thanks guys!!!!!

  21. Shanawas says:

    This website has taken over my home page. I tried deleting it and setting google.com as homepage but of no avail.

    I would like to know if spyhunter can totally remove this malware and reinstate my default settings.

    • Roger Feinstein says:

      Hello Shanawas, it does sound like malware/adware that Spyhunter should get rid of no problem. You can download the program and run a scan to see what it finds. It’s likely it will show right up in the results.

    • Roxane says:

      I had the same problem as you. v9, if anyone knows, had taken over my internet homepage and I couldnt remove it, I looked for solutions online and this is the one thing people recommended. I used it and now my internet is back to normal and I was able to delete many other malicious files. I recommend it!

    • MGChick says:

      Spyhunter is awesome! I agree that the price is a tad high, but if it can keep my pc clean, it’s worth it! I had the same VGrabber redirect on my Google Chrome home page, ran Norton 360, and Malwarebytes. Neither one detected it. Spyhunter got it on the first go.

      It also let me know that someone in my family had been to inappropriate sites (if you get my drift) and was able to tighten up on the parental controls for all users, so no one could sneak onto another family member’s account and access the same programs. Downloading it was so far, one of the best things I have ever done for my pc!

  22. Jeff Miller says:

    Can you confirm that if I install Spyhunter 4 I should still have an anti-virus program as well such as Norton or Mcafee etc.?

    I currently have a need to use spyhunter 4 to remove a malware virus called “internet security 2013” from my personal computer, I also need to purchase a new virus protection program due to my last one expiring–so I want to make sure I should get both the Spyhunter 4 and another tandem virus program such as Norton.

    Thank you

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