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systemcareantivirus_pic1Unfortunately one of the biggest types of online scams these days is still the fake antivirus software program that seems to pop up out of nowhere on a user’s computer.

System Care Antivirus is NOT an antivirus software program.  Rather, it is malware intended to harm your computer and sometimes cause users to be fooled into thinking they must buy the product and spend money.  These types of programs have unfortunately been around for years, they just seem to change names and looks.  Sometimes these types of malware programs are called “rogue antivirus software”.  The point is, however, these programs are nothing but trouble and they should be removed immediately.

System Care Antivirus is programmed to load when the user turns on the computer, running a fake “scan”, which always turns up fake “results”.  Pay no attention to this; it’s merely designed to fool users into opening up their wallets.

How To Remove System Care Antivirus

Unfortunately, removal is not always easy.  Doing it manually could be next to impossible for the average computer user as programs like this tend to inject code into the memory and they become extremely difficult to get rid of as you can’t remove them while Windows is running.  Also, not surprisingly there is no uninstaller associated with this program.

However, using a spyware removal software tool is usually effective.  We recommend using Spyhunter 4, which can be downloaded here:

icon_green_arrow_rightClick Here To Download Spyhunter 4


icon_green_arrow_rightClick Here to visit the Spyhunter 4 main website

If you’re unable to open Spyhunter 4 (sometimes these programs prevent you from opening certain types of software) then you might have to install it on a clean computer and put it on a USB drive.  The best part about Spyhunter is that it comes with free Help Desk support in case you’re having trouble.  Technicians can remotely help you remove the software as it may be particularly suited to your computer and may need a bit of professional help.

How Did It Get There?

System Care Antivirus is a Trojan that sometimes gets installed on users computers from infected websites using the Black Hole Exploit Kit.  This is known as a “drive by installation” and can be very annoying and sometimes difficult to prevent unless you have an active protection anti-malware program running (such as Spyhunter 4 or Norton 360).  So in a nutshell, this program tends to leap onto unsuspecting user’s computers from an infected website (it could be any website) or perhaps in an email or attachment.


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