Using Facebook During Sex?

socialmediaaddictionHave you ever used social media during sex?  A survey recently conducted by UK condom maker Durex found that 5% of people had checked Facebook during the act.  I’m not so sure about this however – how scientific was this survey, and were those 5% actually being honest?  I can’t imagine doing this, but apparently some people have more on their minds during this intimate time.

The survey also found that people are having 20% less sex than in the year 2000, and is blaming social media.  Could this really be the case?

Social media has definitely changed our real life interactions, but did it have such an impact on the most intimate of actions?  Perhaps social media is driving us apart rather than bringing us together.  With an increase of electronic communication, perhaps we are becoming less intimate in our relationships.  This is why Durex is calling everyone to celebrate Earth Hour, where couples are encouraged to spend one hour together in the dark — completely in the dark.  No cell phone screens, laptops, or iPads.

“Earth Hour is a great, yet rare excuse for couples to give each other their undivided attention. With over 80 years bedroom experience, Durex knows physical touch and intimacy are extremely important for feeling connected in your relationship,” said Aurore Trepo, marketing director, Durex USA. “And with recent survey research revealing our smartphones get more attention than our partners, we want to encourage all of America to turn off and get turned on for March 29. Durex offers everything from lubricants to personal massagers to ensure that when the lights go out couples will be so busy they’ll forget to switch the power back on!”

Earth Hour is on March 29, 2014 between 8:30 – 9:30PM

What do you think?   Have couples been driven apart rather than brought together by social media?  I have to admit that it sometimes seems that my hangouts with friends turn into Instagram fests, and we’re on our phones 50% of the time.

A recent Huffington Post article discusses the distorted visions we can make of potential lovers through social media.  Someone’s Facebook is their cleaned up front of who they want to be.  They will only post the best (or perhaps the most debaucherous to be funny).

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