WhatsApp Website Hacked

WhatsApp Website Hacked

A Pro Palestinian hacking group called KDMS Team has claimed the recent hacking of the very popular messaging service WhatsApp, used by millions of people.  They apparently redirected the website to a different IP address iwth the message “Mission Completed Hacked KDMS Team Plaestinian Hackers” (note that they spelled Palestinian wrong).

Other companies affected are AVG and Avira, RedTube, and Alexa.  Domain registry service Network Solutions has begun investigating the attack looking for the method the hackers used and looking to close any loopholes.

whatsapphackedApparently no malicious code was delivered to computers through the website that the hackers redirected the affected sites to.

The WhatsApp team claimed that no user data had been lost or compromised, however user comments around the internet claim that some users had begun receiving spam.  It was not clear whether the spam was from the hackers or not, but the connection seems logical.

According to Whois data, the change was made on Tuesday October 8.

We encourage all WhatsApp users to change their passwords immediately as you never know whether they hijacked data withut WhatsApp’s knowledge.

This is another event in the recent upswing in successful DNS attack.  The DNS is the way by which the domain name can be translated to an IP address that the browser loads.

It’s clear that malicious activity is rampant on the internet, and users can be redirected without their knowledge and before they can stop their browser – and it can happen to very popular websites.  We recommend that you protect your computer with an up-to-date antimalware and antivirus software tool.

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