When is it Time to Say No to Social Media?

facebookaddictWhile there are significant benefits to using social media sites, there are as many reasons for eliminating, or at least limiting, their use. Like any other habit, social media use becomes addicting for some people. They can’t bear to be away from their “friends” or “contacts” on different sites. That level of dependence can quickly create issues in a user’s personal life and may threaten their livelihood. At what point does the use of social media become out of control, and what can users do to avoid becoming over-dependent on Facebook and other sites?

How Much Time is Spent on Social Media Sites?

Like many habits, there is little wrong with using social media sites if done in moderation. However, once a dependence on social media starts interfering with other activities, it’s time to start re-evaluating that use. How can users know when it’s time to quit social media? Today, it’s common to see people in restaurants glued to their cell phones rather than talking to their companions. Teachers routinely report students walking down hallways using their devices to have a discussion with the person walking next to them. When users reach that level of dependence, it may well be time to think about the benefits of quitting, or limiting, social media.

Are There Other Disadvantages of Spending Too Much Time on Social Media Sites?

Recently, medical experts have defined physical issues that are directly related to overusing computers, tablets and cell phones. Back and neck problems, as well as issues with hands, are clearly related to excessive use of those devices, but there are socialization issues now recognized as well. Each of these must be dealt with a little differently, but a key component of all is backing away from the reliance on social media sites or significantly reducing the time devoted to their use.

Obviously, there are a great many positive reasons for using social. Keeping in touch with family and friends is easy on Facebook and similar sites. Job seekers often become aware of jobs through networking on Linkedin and other platforms. The trick is knowing when to step back and enjoy other aspects of life as well.

Are There Any Benefits?

There are obviously many benefits of social media, and they do tend to facilitate people staying in touch with friends a bit more easily.  They also provide a bit of entertainment value.  So how can you keep your social media usage in perspective so it doesn’t overtake your life?

Going Off The Grid is a popular phrase these days for when people want to stop using social media for a time.  Going cold turkey is hard, but many people report that they have felt a freeing sensation from disabling their social media accounts for a period of time.  It doesn’t mean you have to quit forever, but taking a month or two off has proven to be quite refreshing for some people.

The only downside is that not all social media accounts can be disabled.  Instagram doesn’t currently let you take your account down temporarily.  Your best bet is to delete the app from your phone.


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